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🚚 Free U.K shipping as of £59

Cashido Mermaido Pet Shower - 10 second ozone machine


Cashido Mermaido Pet Shower machine.

Bodycote Certified & SGS Certified.

What is Ozone?

To put it simply, ozone is an activated form of oxygen. 

What are the benefits? 

* Slows down cell aging

* Pain killing and anti-inflammatory 

* Strong disinfectant properties: kills bacteria, fungus, virus and works against infection. 

* Promotes blood circulation by activating the metabolism of the red blood cells and transports more oxygen to the cells. This is very helpful in alopecia cases.

Ozone has many benefits for the skin due to the elimination of toxins and offers the possibility to work deep in the skin. This stimulates the peripheral blood flow (flushing) and is very beneficial for every dog. (With or without skin issues)

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy that leaves no toxic residues in the body because ozone is converted into oxygen and has very few side effects, it is not recommended for use when pregnant, in cases of hyperthyroidism and of course if you have an allergy to ozone.

2008 Taipei International Invention Show Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal
12th Annual Ministry of Economics Innovation Award

Made and Developed in Taiwan
CE Certified
RoHS Certified
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Test Reports:
Chemlab Malaysia - Ozone bacteria-killing ability
Bodycote Canada - Ozone bacteria-killing ability
Food Industry Research and Development Institute
Yang Ming University - Ozone bacteria-killing ability