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Nogga: truly unique pet care

Nogga is the only dermocosmetic product available in Europe formulated with natural actives. Dermocosmetics is where cosmetics and dermatology – or beauty and health – meet. To qualify as a dermocosmetic product, a product must contain active ingredients whose effectiveness has been established through rigorous laboratory testing. Dermocosmetic products have been specially formulated to promote and restore skin health. They protect against the many stresses of our pet’s modern life and help fight against natural skin ageing. At Nogga, we are of the opinion that our pets deserve the best possible care and hence we bring the revolution in skin & coat care to life through our product range.

Catching up with history

Over the past years there have been many advances in the fields of science and research into the skin and appropriate skin care products for humans. And thankfully so! Otherwise, instead of sunscreen, we would all still be wearing this kind of masks when enjoying the sun: 

Era: 1928 – meant to protect the skin from the sun.

However, while humans enjoyed endless progress across the skincare industry, not much had advanced from old fashioned skin and coat care for our pets. As humans we have known for years the importance of protecting our skin to prevent problems from happening. Why do we not apply this knowledge to our pets? The fact that dog’s skin is 7x thinner than ours purely highlights how important the right care is. And, believe it or not: a cat’s skin is 13x thinner than ours!


Nowadays, we have a better understanding of how our pets’ skin works and the role it plays in protecting from external stressors. Whether we’re talking about how bad your dog can smell after they get wet, or how some pets show a reactive skin when getting into contact to allergens such as grass, we now know far more about the processes that are at work on and inside of the skin, and the skin conditions that can develop.

And this better understanding is not only reserved to specialists – responsible pet owners have become increasingly aware of the need for genuinely effective products and the lack of availability hereof. It was time for a change, a change fostered by Nogga’s development and availability of products formerly limited to the field of medicine.


Dermocosmetic products provide in-depth action. Strictly speaking, they are not beauty products; nevertheless, they definitely enhance long term beauty of the coat. To understand how they work, you need to know that skin is made up of three layers:

- The epidermis
- The dermis
- The hypodermis

Dermocosmetic products consist of fine molecules that penetrate to the dermis, the middle layer. This enables our products to deliver nutrients where it matters and ensure the skin can take care of the vital coat that it hosts. At this depth, Nogga shampoos, balsams and masks have an optimal impact in:

- Strengthening the fatty layer of the skin
-  Nourishing and hydrating the skin
- Correcting problems
- Protecting skin tissue
- Preventing skin issues from occurring
- Helping to restore the skin’s natural balance


A cosmetic product has a short-term effect on the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and coat. Just like using makeup, a cosmetic product does not provide any long-term benefit to the skin or coat. A cosmetic product actually removes the fatty layer from the skin, this is extremely damaging to the skin and coat and this is why in the past it was better to not wash your pet frequently. 

The benefits of a dermocosmetic vs a cosmetic product: 

Before Nogga, comparing shampoo brands looked like this: 

However, comparing a dermacosmetic brand to a cosmetic brand looks like this:

The donut is tasty and provides a quick result in satisfying cravings but if you are looking to improve your health long term, you probably wouldn’t pick it structurally! Would you plant a rose in the desert and then be surprised that it doesn’t grow? Why would you spend time washing your pet with a cosmetic product that can harm their skin and coat? What excuse do we have to not go for the best we can get for our furry (or naked) friends?


Dermocosmetic vs cosmetic

Regardless of whether you wash your pet weekly or once a year, it is always better to wash with a product that makes a difference and actually nourishes the skin and coat!

If you haven’t already, discover the right skin and coat care for your pet right now or check out what our enlightened customers have to say! 

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