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Way more than just another pet shampoo

Started in 2006 in Spain, Nogga has revolutionized the way we wash our pets. A concept unique in Europe; Nogga is leading the way to promote the importance of skin and coat health. 


My name is Sophia and I am the founder of Nogga Europe. I absolutely love dogs and Pomeranians are my passion.

 My journey into better coat care started with my black and white Pomeranian "Dreamie". A dream to behold, she had a beautiful coat which was suffering under improper products. Dry, brittle, woolly, full of knots, hard to brush.. the list went on.

I was tired of using the same old "renowned" products on her which were visibly damaging her skin and coat. Knowing that she deserves better I set out on a mission to find a product which would not only look after her coat, but also her skin. 

Her coats' saviour? A gem from a little factory next to the Llobregat river in Barcelona, Spain - carefully formulated by a passionate biochemist who felt that pets deserve the same high quality formulations as have been developed for the human world of modern dermocosmetic skin care. 


Nogga products are produced using purified water from the Llobregat river which also generates clean electricity by powering our water turbine. All our products are inspired by ingredients found in nature and known for their health benefits.
Through this, we designed and formulated the revolution of pet care: products which don't just wash the coat, but also nourish and feed the skin!

Gone are the days where "washing your pet is bad for them" here is the moment where coat care products for our pets meet the 21st century. For the first time ever, washing your pet has enormous health benefits for their skin and coat. But don't just take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying!


Discover the right coat care for your pet