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🚚 Free U.K shipping as of £59

Oster Professional Spin Li+Ion Cordless Nail Grinder


The Oster Professional Spin Li+Ion Cordless Nail Grinder quickly manicures your dog's jagged or too-long nails. This 2-speed, professional-calibre nail grinder uses rechargeable lithium ion technology to provide powerful, consistent, long-lasting grooming. In fact, the Oster Professional Spin Li+Ion Cordless Nail Grinder runs up to 2 hours on a single charge. Lightweight, cordless, ergonomic design lets you trim your dog's nails in any setting for optimal comfort for your pet and for you. This portable nail grinder for dogs also recharges quickly, so you can be ready to trim nails whenever necessary.

Just like us humans, our pets also need regular nail trimming. This ensures that our pets can comfortably run and play! We recommend you to use one of the following: 

 Nail cutter
 Electric nail file

This is how the nail should be trimmed:

On lighter coloured nails, the "quick" is easy to spot. The quick can be a bit harder to spot on dark coloured nails. However we have a little secret to share with you: 

Cut the nail bit by bit, until you can see a "white circle" in the middle. Once it appears, then stop cutting, because cutting further can make the nail bleed. Should the nail bleed, you don't need to worry we have a great solution for this. We recommend when cutting the nails to have our Stop Bleeding powder always to hand.