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Styling Spray


Texturizing spray with memory effect. “The secret to my success is my hairspray” Styling spray is a true favourite among our show pets. Formulated with surprising new generation ingredients, Styling spray creates natural and elastic fixation.

  • Natural, elastic fixation
  • Non sticky formulation
  • Use the day before the show
  • Use on the day of the show
  • Invisible in the coat - no one will ever know your secret!
  • Protects against damage caused by brushing and drying

    Technical details:

    Used by incredibly successful show pets the world over to mark dorsal lines, create volume in the pom poms, help fix the top knot, create all over volume in the body. This formulation also is responsible for ensuring that your pet’s hair is protected while drying (and it also reduces drying time). Magic!

    What our active ingredients do:

    Lemon extract: the secret volume ingredient contains alpha-hydroxy-acids, or AHAs, which are enzymes that cleanse the skin by breaking down dirt, excess oil and dead skin, making it easier to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. The natural fruit acids in the oil also encourage the hair cuticle to lie flat and so reflect more light and make your pets hair appear shinier. Nice!

    D-Panthenol: Pro-Vitamin B5 helps to keep hair soft, smooth, and healthy. Deeply hydrating, it helps to keep hair quenched by absorbing moisture from the air (clever!). Also known as Pantothenic Acid, small quantities of Vitamin B5 are found in most foods - but you’d have to eat a lot to see any benefit. The shortcut? Look for Vitamin B5 in your coat care products.

    Quaternized honey: if you want shiny, hydrated cared for hair you choose Quaternized honey. Even more hydrating than honey alone, this ingredient locks in all the goodness into your pet’s hair so it cannot escape.

    How to use:

    Shake well before use. Spray at a distance of 20cm onto damp coats. Dry the hair against the grain with an appropriate hair dryer and brush while drying for the best effect. Can also be used on dry coats on the day of the show for that extra oomph! Reactivate the volume using a comb.