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Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult - Wet food

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Every dog is as big as it feels! The Pomeranian may have an average shoulder height of around 20cm and weigh less than most cats, but its self-confidence does not let its small size get in the way! It is known for its bright, friendly nature and for being an excellent guard dog. Despite its size, the Pomeranian can bark loudly and is rarely intimidated, even by larger dogs. When it comes to nutrition, it is vital that the unique nutritional needs of this breed are taken into account. This Royal Canin Breed Pomeranian Mousse features a tailored recipe, made with top-quality, selected ingredients.

Royal Canin Breed Pomeranian Mousse at a glance:

  • Wet food for Pomeranians over 8 months old
  • Tailored recipe: specially adapted to the nutritional needs of this breed
  • Balanced ingredients: suitable for combining with Royal Canin Pomeranian Dry Food
  • Optimum texture: soft and uniform, making it easy for Pomeranians to eat
  • Skin and coat: contains omega-6 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA in optimum quantities
  • Bones and joints: tailored mineral content, enriched with EPA and DHA
  • Healthy digestion: contains digestible ingredients that support the digestive process and can help ensure optimum stool quality
  • Practical fresh pouches: easy to portion, always fresh and delicious