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Washing your pet starts with the right shampoo

Washing your pet starts with the right shampoo

Help! My dog needs a bath!

It's that time of the year again, the days are getting longer, our walks are getting more adventurous and swimming has become fun again! The birds are singing, the grass is growing, the air is fresh and clean... our dogs on the other hand, not so much. 

It is also the time of the year where we visit our favourite pet shop to pick up some shampoo for our pets as the outside world starts invading our homes. Nature is fantastic, but we prefer to keep it outside! 

The warmer weather is also great as we can wash our larger four legged friends in the garden, whereas the smaller four legged friends get the VIP bathroom treatment. Getting clean is an adventure for everyone! 

So much choice, what is right? Not everything! 

As soon as you enter the pet shop, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. Have you ever stopped to consider how many different types of shampoo are available? From bubble gum scented shampoos to products which promise glossier coats... What should you buy? How to pick the right product for your pet? 

1. Your pets skin is not like your skin

It is important to realise that animal products are not made with the same guidelines and rigorous testing that products for humans are made with. Even the most premium looking product could be bad for your pets skin. 

Can only using this kind of product just the once be harmful? Unfortunately.. yes. 

A lot of research is put into human care products, less so for our beloved pets. The worst part about this is that compared to our pets, our skin is actually a lot tougher. Our skin is 7x thicker than our dogs skin is... This means that even for that "one time use" it is still extremely important to select the appropriate product for your dog! "Only once" is not as innocent as it seems. 

2. Washing often or not? 

I am sure you have heard people say it is bad to wash your dog (too) often, but have you ever wondered where this statement comes from? This now outdated statement arises from the past where we only had products available which were damaging to our pet's delicate skin. These products damage the protective layer on our pet's skin by washing away all of their protective oils, harming the skin in this way can also make your pet smell worse after a bath! Sound familiar? 

Your pet's skin becomes dry and itchy, hotspots can occur and in the worst cases your pet will need to see a vet. Now after hearing this you might think, "well maybe it is better not to wash my pet at all". Luckily this is not the case! Just like for us humans, there are also products now available for our pets that care for the skin and coat and leave your pet feeling and smelling fresh! Caring for your pets skin and coat is important. It is no longer bad to wash and care for your pets skin and coat frequently. It is bad however, to use the wrong type of products. It is just as bad not to care for your pet's skin and coat at all. 

3. What should I do? 

Regardless of whether you wash your pet once a year or once a week, it is always important to use the right product. The right product for your dog is one that cares for the skin and the coat. 

4. Our advice

At Nogga we have developed the next generation of products, shampoos and conditioners which not only care for the coat they also feed the skin! Our shampoos gently cleanse and nourish the skin and our conditioners hydrate the skin and boost the skin's barrier with omega fats. 

Nogga products are carefully formulated to ensure perfect care for every pet large and small. We recommend to stop guessing when it comes to the care of your pet and to choose products you can trust. 

Find the perfect coat care for your pet right now!

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