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🚚 Free U.K shipping as of £59

DermaBaby Mini Set

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This mini set has been specially created for young skins, to help keep them hydrated and to support the skin during the important first shed of baby fur to adult fur. 

DermaBaby Set; gentle and caring

Kokum shampoo is gentle and soft on young skins and being packed full of omega fats it provides the skin with everything it needs to generate new, healthy coat. Kokum balsam moisturizes and nourishes the skin with essential omega 3 and 6 fats. Our legendary leave-in conditioner Biphasic spray is the perfect finish and, in addition to sealing the hair shaft it also provides healthy shine and sustained hydration! The fantastic scent is for free!

When to use the DermaBaby Set

Baby animals just like real babies love having fun and getting messy! Our products are safe to be used as often as you like to gently remove the evidence of a long fun day in the mud!   

1. Get your pet wet using lukewarm water, approx. 37°C
2. We recommend using the shampoos pure, for extra furry pets you can dilute the shampoo with water to maximum 1:4. 
3. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo
4. Mix the balsam with warm water, this is important to ensure the balsam gets to the skin. Mix 20 gr of balsam to every 100 ml of water. Apply this mix to the coat. 
5. Brush in using our MaxiPin brush. This ensures that the balsam is spread evenly over the skin and coat making a world of difference to the end result! 
6. Rinse thoroughly. 
7. Remove excess water with our microfibre towel
7. Spray a fine layer of Biphasic spray over the coat to protect it from being damaged. 
8. Dry your pet thoroughly using an appropriate hair dryer.

The above instructions will also be provided with your products.  

We recommend to only use the DermaBaby set until the first shed has started. Once the first shed has begun we recommend using the applicable DermaGrow set for your pets coat type.

Brushing our pets is very important, the correct brush combination is just as important. We recommend the following: 

  • Flexible slicker - opens the coat and helps to brush out knots and loose hair.
  • Steel comb - ensures that all loose hair and knots are properly removed. 

Before brushing, always apply a layer of Biphasic spray to the coat to protect it against being damaged. 

Drying your pet after their bath is extremely important. We recommend to use:

Dogs: All breeds

Cats: All breeds

DermaBaby Mini Set: 100 ml Kokum shampoo, 50 ml Kokum balsam, 50 ml Biphasic spray

DermaBaby Mini Set with Biphasic spray 250 ml: 100 ml Kokum shampoo, 50 ml Kokum balsam, 250 ml Biphasic spray