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🚚 Free U.K shipping as of £59

DermaCare Set - Naked


We have made this set specifically for pets that do not have any hair. The needs of the skin are perfectly care for with this set. The combination of Lavender shampoo, Lavender balsam and Biphasic spray are perfect to keep the skin in top condition. 

DermaSens Set - Naked; The revolution

Lavender shampoo and balsam are full of essential fatty acids, a powerful formulation of omega 3 and 6 fats, as well as our magical ingredient Capparis Spinosa. Lavender is also known for it's anti septic properties which makes it perfect for reactive skin. Biphasic spray ensures the perfect finish and helps the skin's elasticity and hydration levels to be perfect. The amazing smell is the icing on the cake! 

When to use the DermaCare Set - Naked

We recommend to use this set every 3-6 weeks for general maintenance. 

1. Get your pet wet using lukewarm water, approx. 37°C
2. We recommend using the shampoos pure
3. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo
4. Remove excess water with our microfibre towel
5. Rub the balsam in like a body milk and do not rinse
6. Spray a fine layer of Biphasic spray over the skin to protect it from being damaged. 


The balsam can be used daily to maintain skin hydration levels. 

The above instructions will also be provided with your products.  

If your pet is prone to skin problems like black heads, please get in touch for the appropriate care program for your pet.

Pets with no hair require even more care than pets that do have hair. We recommend to use the Lavender balsam frequently to maintain their skin hydrated. 

All hairless dog and cat breeds 

DermaCare Set - Naked S: 250 ml Lavender shampoo, 250 ml Lavender balsam, 250 ml Biphasic spray

DermaCareSet - Naked L: 2x 250 ml Lavender shampoo, 500 ml Lavender balsam, 1000 ml Biphasic spray