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Purifying shampoo


Our number one shampoo due to its nourishing properties, Purifying shampoo will really get under your skin - literally! Our dermo cosmetic products, unique to Europe, are packed full of natural active ingredients which provide spectacular benefits to the skin and coat. 

  • Magic formula replicates the health benefits of the Spanish Gazpacho soup
  • Eye-opening delivery of vitamins and minerals straight into the skin enabling direct use
  • Helps with coat regeneration
  • Vitamin complex promotes skin and coat health
  • Eliminates foul odours 

Technical details:

Purifying shampoo is the perfect choice for pets that just need that bit extra nourishment. For example: small pets with large coats, breeding pets, moulting pets or pets who just want to be more fluffy! Purifying shampoo is also an amazing pre wash shampoo and can be combined with all our shampoos from the Omega line and also our wonderful Bio Horse shampoo (for that extra hairy boost). We have used organic natural ingredients to create this masterpiece, which we fondly call “Gazpacho shampoo”. Featuring tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, vitamin complexes, Quaternized honey and the protein (amino acids) extracted from cereals. For the grain intolerant pets out there we have good news, Purifying shampoo contains no carbohydrates.

What our active ingredients do:

Tomato extract: Naturally rich in Vitamins A and C, tomatoes aid the production of collagen in the skin and have antioxidant properties, keeping your pet’s skin happy and healthy. The combined actions of all the constituents of tomato make it a useful cosmetic ingredient, particularly for smelly pets. The refreshing, cooling and deodorising action of fresh tomatoes makes them an ideal ingredient for our Purifying shampoo.

Cucumber extract: Cucumbers belong to the melon family and are known for their hydrating qualities due to their water content. The cooling sensation will leave your pet’s skin feeling refreshed while an abundance of vitamins combat the activity of free radicals, rejuvenating the skin. The high water content, plenty of vitamins, as well as minerals make the cucumber a constant in the world of dermo cosmetics. Antioxidant vitamin C bolsters skin collagen and elastin production while the presence of silicic acid will help to keep skin firm and flexible. Vitamin B is responsible for retaining moisture.

Onion extract: no need to cry this time, we removed the smell but kept the all the goodness! Onions are an awesome source of minerals, such as calcium (yep, doesn't only come from cows), phosphorus, vitamins, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and ascorbic acid. Onion extract is also known for its anti-seborrhoea properties, I mean, who wants dandruff anyway?

Pepper extract: rich in carbohydrates and nitrogen, sounds fancy! The main benefit is that it can provide healthy looking skin. Pepper is known for stimulating blood flow to the skin, which enables oxygen and necessary nutrients to reach the cells, essential for healthy skin (and healthy coats).

Vitamin complex: ensures the skin and coat get their 5 a day. Vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 (ok, we lied, there are more than 5..) but we selected all of them because these are incredibly important vitamins for healthy skins and coats.

Hydrolysed cereals: no, not the type you eat for breakfast, those are breakfast cereals! We picked maize, soy and wheat. Now, because we know some pets are grain intolerant, we hydrolysed these grains, this means that we took out the part that causes the allergy (carbohydrates) and only kept the good part (amino acids). Packed full of vitamins, EFAs, protein and minerals, this is the reason why you were always told to eat your cereal as a child!

How to use:

Like any other shampoo you're used to. Squirt a generous amount into your hands and apply to your pet, rub it into the coat in the direction the coat lies. For really furry pets, this shampoo can also be diluted 1:4 with warm water. Rinse and repeat if desired.

Always combine your favourite Nogga shampoo with one of our balsams (fancy word for conditioner).

Avoid contact with eyes.