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Sugar shampoo


CAUTION: moisture bomb! Sugar shampoo sure has us jumping around in excitement (can't imagine why!) we swear it has nothing to do with the sugar… our tastie… sorry, most hydrating shampoo is made from? You guessed it! Sugar! Formulated specially for our really long haired furry friends. 

  • Hydration bomb for dry coats, seriously it will blow you away!
  • Spectacular results on dogs long swishy show quality coats
  • Perfect for every soft textured cat coat
  • Enhances the effect of gravity on a long coat (yes the one that keeps us stuck to the ground)
  • Helps to regenerate damaged, broken hair
  • Incredible maintenance shampoo for poodle type coats
  • Makes brushing easier and eliminates static electricity
  • Smells amazing - 9.9/10 of our customers agree! 

Technical details:

Ground-breaking. As a natural humectant, sugar helps to maintain moisture in the skin and coat. A humectant like sugar pulls moisture into the skin and coat by absorbing moisture from the air (clever!). Sugar shampoo is our most hydrating shampoo and it has been designed especially for animals with a show quality coat; like maltese, Yorkshire terrier and also all cat breeds which must have a soft coat. Due to it’s miracle formulation it is also a great choice for maintaining a perfect coat in between shows for breeds like poodles and long haired cat breeds.

What our active ingredients do:

Sugar: of course Sugar shampoo would not be complete without sugar! A natural humectant sugar helps to maintain moisture in the skin and coat. A humectant like sugar pulls moisture into the skin and coat by absorbing moisture from the air (clever!).

Vitamin complex: ensures the skin and coat get their 5 a day. Vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 (ok, we lied, there are more than 5..) but we selected all of them because these are incredibly important vitamins for healthy skins and coats.

Hydrolyzed cereals: no, not the type you eat for breakfast, those are breakfast cereals! We picked maize, soy and wheat. Now, because we know some pets are grain intolerant, we hydrolyzed these grains, this means that we took out the part that causes the allergy (carbohydrate) and only kept the good part (amino acid). Packed full of vitamins, EFAs, protein and minerals, this is the reason why you were always told to eat your cereal as a child!

Quaternized castor oil: derived from the seed of the Ricinus communis plant. It is well tolerated by the skin and used as a carrier oil, skin conditioning agent and is the magic ingredient which makes brushing easier. Awesome!

Oily plant keratin: keratin is a protein and it's super good for your pet’s hair. It acts as a building block for hair. And of course, we never use animal protein in our products, so we have sourced the finest plant protein especially for your pet.

Cotton extract: yet another source of plant protein and known for being a revolutionary ingredient in human skin care, it was only natural that we should add this ingredient to our Sugar shampoo. Our pets deserve the best!

How to use:

Like any other shampoo you're used to. Squirt a generous amount into your hands and apply to your pet, rub it into the coat in the direction the coat lies. For really furry pets, this shampoo can also be diluted 1:4 with warm water. Rinse and repeat if desired.

Always combine your favourite Nogga shampoo with one of our balsams or masks.  (fancy word for conditioner). We recommend Sugar mask or Keratin mask.

Avoid contact with eyes.