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Stripping shampoo


Use after stripping. No, not that kind… the coat care kind! Stripping shampoo is basically your pets aftershave, a wondrous product designed to take the irritation out of stripping. Pets will thank you! 

  • No more irritation
  • Strip with confidence
  • Unique formulation
  • Contains brewer’s yeast and zinc salts

Technical details:

Stripping can irritate the skin, just like shaving our own skin can. Using the wrong product after stripping can irritate the skin further which is why many groomers don't wash the pet after stripping. This is why we formulated Stripping shampoo, described as a wondrous product, it cleanses the pores and greatly reduces the chance of irritation post stripping thanks to active ingredients it has been formulated with.

    What our active ingredients do:

    Lemon extract: the secret volume ingredient contains alpha-hydroxy-acids, or AHAs, which are enzymes that cleanse the skin by breaking down dirt, excess oil and dead skin, making it easier to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. The natural fruit acids in the oil also encourage the hair cuticle to lie flat and so reflect more light and make your pets hair appear shinier. Nice!

    Iris extract: Used in the fleur-de-lys symbol, the three inner petals of the iris flower represent faith, wisdom and valour. The leaves, flowers and rhizomes of iris florentina contain beneficial isoflavones, which may offer relief from skin irritation and inflammation. We use fresh iris flower extract for its skin-soothing properties.

    Zinc salts: we added this ingredient because it is known for its antiseptic properties and also known for its sebaceous regulating properties. Clever!

    Vitamin A: also known as retinol, is known for its skin regeneration capabilities.

    Brewer’s yeast: It might sound like an unlikely ingredient to add to anything (let alone beauty products!) but yeast is in fact a star ingredient in many of the world’s favourite cosmetics. Yeast has both antioxidant and cell renewal properties, and is able to improve skin smoothness and texture.

    Yeast has also been shown to have moisture-retention properties, meaning it is able to improve skin’s overall levels of hydration. Yeast is thought to be a good source of B vitamins and iron.

    Yeast extract also has a stimulating and activating effect on cell metabolism, this helps in skin renewal and cell turnover.

    How to use:

    Use after stripping for the best results. Use Stripping shampoo like any other shampoo you're used to. Squirt a generous amount into your hands and apply to your pet, rub it into the coat in the direction the coat lies. For really furry pets, this shampoo can also be diluted 1:4 with warm water. Rinse and repeat if desired.

    Always combine Stripping shampoo with Omega Olive balsam (fancy word for conditioner). No, it won't make a harsh coat soft, we promise!